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Have you ever seen a dog smile? Well, I have - every time my two dogs see Ross or Kelly, from The Mindful Dog, come to pick them up for day of puppy playtime with their pack! For once, truth in advertising: their slogan says "The type of day dogs dream of!", and it couldn't be more true. As a matter of fact, I think my dogs give me the 'ol stink eye, every day that it's not a "Ross & Kelly day"!!!

We first met Ross and Kelly at the Laurel Canyon dog park, shortly after we got our first dog, an approx. one-year old retriever from a shelter. It was immediately obvious how much they loved dogs, how knowledgable they are about dogs, and how much they truly care about the dogs in their pack. These were NOT the typical dog "walkers", sitting around, drinking coffee, reading scripts, talking on phones. Ross and Kelly were ACTUALLY PLAYING with their dogs, making sure each and every one of them got more than their necessary exercise and play time. It was a joy to watch! We were actually using another dog walker at the time (someone recommended by a friend), and my dog would come home full of crazy energy and way too happy to see us. I immediately knew that we had to switch to Ross and Kelly, and have never regretted it (we later found out that our first dog walker didn't actually "walk" the dogs, but took them back to her house to play in her yard, while she drank the afternoon away…).

We have learned so much about being dog parents from Ross and Kelly, that we are now - happily - the parents of two loving pups. With Ross and Kelly, my dogs come home exhausted, and so, so happy! We trust them implicitly with our four-legged babies, and that is part of what makes The Mindful Dog Co. so very, very special.

- Ronni Rice

Kelly and Ross Levy have been "our Nannies" for Madison and Hudson since they were 8 wks old! They are caring, compassionate, have great energy and most importantly our dogs LOVE them! We recommend them highly and their facility! Thank you "The Mindful Dog"!

- Robyn and Mike Slipyan

I cannot say enough about Ross, Kelly and their team of caregivers at "The Mindful Dog". This is not doggie daycare as we've come to know it. Ross and Kelly are diligent and careful in their attention and love for all the animals in their care. They know well the personality of each dog in the pack, the dynamics of these dogs in play and how each dog will benefit most from their day. Beyond the intelligent and thoughtful care they provide for the dogs, they have created in "The Mindful Dog" an opportunity for your pup to be part of a carefully selected "pack" of dogs. This means not only does our pup Nalu play all day long in a safe and loving environment, coming home well exercised and exhausted, but she is also learning from her "pack-mates" the rules of being a dog. These dogs have provided more "training" than any paid dog trainer could! I cannot emphasize enough how much this has benefitted her. She has evolved into a loving, appropriate and joyful pup and I attribute much of this to her time with Ross, Kelly and the gang. Any dog who gets to be a part of "The Mindful Dog" is blessed dog indeed.

- Alexis P.

Ross and Kelly Levy have been in our dogs' lives (and our lives!) for almost 15 years. They have been with us through the passing of two dogs and the introduction of two puppies into the fold. Their instinct and experience with dogs is unbeatable. We trust their opinion over most veterinarians. Ross and Kelly always alert us if they notice something concerning about one of our dogs. And if one of our dogs seems sick or is exhibiting a strange behavior, Ross and Kelly are our first call. They have such love and devotion for their pack!

- Elizabeth & Jeff Ingold

Kelly and Ross are the best dog carers out there! When I am on set filming for many hours in a day, I am relived knowing that my dog, Lola, is out there playing and having the time of her life! Lola always comes home a happy dog and ready for a long nap! There is no other place I would rather her to be if not with me!

- Lana Parrilla

When our dogs have come home from Kelly's Pet Care, and there have been four over more than 12 years, they are happily tired, thoroughly content living a dog's life. Kelly and Ross first came to our rescue in December 2000 when we just moved to the Hollywood Hills with two energetic pooches who needed some exercise to go with their new home. The pack quickly accepted Lucas and Norma, and their places were soon established; places they kept for nearly ten years. They would wait by the door every day, and couldn't wait to jump up to Kelly or Ross picking them up and the fun that awaited. We trust the duo completely, and they've never let us down, opening their hearts and their home to our canine charges.

When the time came for our next two dogs, both seniors, to join our home, there was no question that Kelly and Ross would give them the attention they needed. Whatever it is: endless Frisbee sessions, hugs and kisses, a helpful hand into and out of the house and van, patience and support while recovering from surgery, a place to rest a sleepy pup's head while their guardians were out of town or out of the country, our dogs have always gotten it from Kelly and Ross.

They are simply the best!

- David & Joe

I happened upon Kelly, Ross and The Pack about 8 years ago while my Shepherd Rudy and I were there. I couldn’t believe the energy they put out everyday. Without commenting on a lot of the other dog walkers I have seen, all I can say is that nary a cell phone did I ever see Kelly & Ross use. After several trips of watching them in action I eventually asked if they could take Rudy with The Pack a few times a week. Rudy was a bit shy and didn’t like to be away from me much so I wondered how well this experiment would work. Rudy finally relinquished his eight years as the Pack leader when he passed away a few months ago. He grew so much with them and his journey from shy guy to Pack Leader was one of the most amazing transformations of his life. Fittingly, Kelly & Ross were there at the vets the day we said goodbye to my boy Rudy and it was so comforting to both Rudy and I will never forget it.

- Josh Hopkins

Here’s the thing- it all comes down to trust. Who are you going to trust with the most precious thing in your life? Let’s face it – our dogs are like our kids, right? I met Ross and Kelly at the park six years ago after I got my very first dog. I watched them with their "pack" for weeks. I thought, "Who are these lunatics? How come they are running and jumping and laughing and rolling all over the ground with their dogs??!" I looked around at the other dog walkers who were walking around the park with their dogs as if they were underwater (while talking on a cell phone and smoking at the same time!. My dog joined the pack right away and then I began to see such amazing changes. The pack socialized her. They taught her how to become a well-rounded dog in all aspects. As the pack leaders, Kelly and Ross over-see all of their "play" and make sure things stay friendly, let the dogs work things out amongst themselves and learn from each other and, of course, they always know exactly when to step in when things start to escalate.

They know SO much about "all things dogs". They live, breathe and sleep dog. I’ve never seen people work so hard to continually keep these dogs physically AND mentally stimulated.

My dogs come home happy and tired. They eat dinner and pass out. I know for a fact that a good dog is an exhausted dog!

- Marci Liroff  (7 year client!)

My two dogs couldn't be more different and I love how Kelly and Ross cater to their likes and needs. Charlie gets long, structured walks on a leash, Henry gets lots of toys to hoard. Charlie is able to chase the pack in a game of fetch while Henry gets hugs as he lounges in the sun. Thank you Kelly and Ross!

- Sara E.

Kelly and Ross are amazing!! My dog Hutch has been with with "The Pack" for 3 years now and he LOVES every moment of his days with them! He gets to play with his friends, play fetch, play in the pool, lounge in the shade...its up to him! I love seeing him get excited when the Van comes to get him. He doesn't look back! Kelly and Ross make sure that every single dog gets the exercise and care they need...and a lot of affection as well. Every week I look forward to the pictures they post of the dogs on facebook. The best part is that Kelly and Ross pick up Hutch from my house. They have my key so I don't have to be home! They treat Hutch like he is one of their own dogs, and we LOVE them for that!

- Kristin A.

Ross and Kelly of The Mindful Dog were highly recommended to me by my good friend who was using them for daycare for her dog. I contacted them and they asked if I could bring my dogs Max & Rigby by to “meet The Pack” to make sure it was a “good fit” for them. They stressed that The Pack program was wonderful for the right dogs, but not for every dog, and wanted to make sure my dogs choose this program for themselves. I arrived at the park and saw them bring dogs in two by two and having them sit calmly before taking off the leash. I liked this approach very much. The dogs were calm and collected, not jumping around everywhere. By no means were Ross and Kelly drill sergeant-militant, they simply KNOW how dogs minds work and are able to control and communicate and nurture the with astonishing poise and the MOST genuine love! After they brought their dogs in (approximately 28 that day!) they all preceded to the play are together. These dogs were excited and having so much fun, and always under control. Max and Rigby joined right in running with The Pack and having a wonderful time. I had no doubt these were the people I wanted taking care of my dogs.

Each day they come to pick up my dogs, I’m amazed how excited Max & Rigby are to see them EVERY single time. They bound out the door and I don’t have to worry for a second that they’re under the best possible care. They arrive home after their park days exhausted and happy.

I highly recommend Ross and Kelly to anyone looking for a wonderful day care experience for their dogs. They are guaranteed a fun-filled day unparalleled to anything else I have seen in Los Angeles. Furthermore, it’s not just the doggies that are graced by this warm, loyal and dynamic duo. These two are a JOY to experience as people, and I trust them whole-heartedly with my pups, and importantly to my home, with easy and full confidence.

- Eliza Dushku

Ross & Kelly have been running my boy Bubba around for years. When he was younger, there didn’t seem to be enough time in the day, enough hills to climb or enough balls to chase, to tire him out. Yet after a day with The Mindful Dog I came home to a tired, happy dog. On days when both my assistant and I had barely any time to exercise him, that was a welcome sight! These days, although he doesn’t require quite as much exercise, he still needs to be entertained and still gets just as excited when they show up at the door to pick him up. I have trusted Ross & Kelly with access to my home and the care of my precious dog, for a very long time. There’s nothing like heading out the door for a very busy day, knowing Bubba will be there at the end of that day, happy, safe, clean and tired. Ross & Kelly are my dog heroes!

- Minnie Driver

Ross and Kelly have been amazing for me as first time dog owner. They are so caring and my dog is so excited every time she leaves with their great pack. They are prompt and always available whenever I have any needs or questions. I can't recommend this service enough. Me and my pooch are very lucky to be in their capable hands.

- Ara Keshishian

One day about 7 1/2 years ago, I took my Golden Retriever puppy to the dog park for a run and some socialization. That is when I first came across Ross and Kelly Levy and their "pack"--a group of happy, running, jumping, frisbee-playing dogs of every description lead by a young man and woman dressed in matching khaki shorts and shirts with the company logo. I came to know them as the caring, dog-loving, empathic, enthusiastic (and energetic!) leaders of this wonderful pack. I knew my Beaumont needed to be part of this dog-family.

Kelly and Ross have been his aunt and uncle ever since that day. Their service is extraordinary--always reliable (so important for a working family), forever loving to our precious dogs. They are always on time, their vans are always filled with happy, smiling "clients"--sometimes I think every golden retriever in LA must be in their care! If they ever dare to take a day off (a rare enough occurrence) or are delayed, emails and phone calls keep us completely informed.

Our Beaumont is currently dealing with illness and even now, Ross and Kelly are part of his family that cares.

They are simply the best!

- Roz and Jay Wolpert

Kelly and Ross are a godsend. Being born blind, Bella depended on her big sister, Sadie, for everything. When Sadie passed, Bella was lonely and depressed. She didn’t know how to socialize with other dogs. We met Kelly and Ross at the dog park and I noticed Bella immediately started to interact with their group of dogs. In less than a year, Bella has become so confident. We started sending her three days a week because she had so much more energy. She even accompanies me occasionally on my runs because she’s no longer scared of the uncertainty of her path.

- Jen & David Flaks

I have a wonderful little Parson’s Russell Terrier, Maya, which in typical breed fashion, has always had trouble playing with other dogs-she is quite the alpha dog! I first met Kelly & Ross in the park where I had taken Maya for exercise. They were there with their dog pack, and I noticed how whole-heartedly they interacted and played with their dogs. As I watched, to my surprise, Maya began to join in with their pack at play. Kelly & Ross kindly allowed her to do this. I spoke with them and realized that here were two special people who had created a true, cohesive community of canines. I immediately signed Maya up to be part of The Pack, which they allowed, as she exhibited that she could be a non-aggressive member. It has been 5 happy years for me and Maya. She has dog friends and a completely separate life of her own! It is amazing that she has learned the great fun of playing wit her peers, and she has learned to be part of a hierarchy. Since joining The Pack, she has learned positive, healthy behavior. She comes home at the end of a day, she is happy & tired. She is so excited in the morning when Kelly or Ross arrives to pick her up, and I have never seen her love anyone else the way she does them. She went from having anxiety attacks over not being with me, to being happy in her days with them. Kelly & Ross shower her with Love as if she was their own. These are two people, who not only have great skill with animals, but have a tremendous amount of compassion and a real love for what they do. Those of us who have dogs know that they are like an extension of our family-that said-there is only one time I never worry or feel concerned about Maya, and that is when she is with Kelly & Ross. Recently I asked Ross & Kelly to be Maya’s godparents. They are the only people I would ever trust with the welfare of my beloved dog. There are not enough words to describe how special Kelly & Ross Levy truly are.

- Robin Jonas

My neighbor recently asked me who takes are of my dog while I’m at work. When I told her about The Mindful Dog she said, 'You should hear the way they talked to him when they drop him off. They always tell him how much they love him, and how they can’t wait to see him tomorrow.

If the true test of someone’s character is how they act when no one is around, there are no greater characters than Ross and Kelly.

- Nick C.

I am fanatical about my dog, call me obsessed. I took my dog to see if my dog liked the pack and Kelly and Ross and observed the interactions. I was impressed. The first day my dog went into their care, I made so many phone calls checking up on my dog that I'm sure Kelly was rolling her eyes answering my calls. Kelly knew my dog so well after the first visit (i.e. my dog is not great at drinking water and Kelly not only made sure he did drink water, but noticed that he liked to drink from the metal vs plastic bowl) and altered her behavior for my dog!!! Also my dog learned appropriate behavior from the other dogs, how to greet and be greeted by new dogs, etc. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Kelly and Ross and their love of dogs and their knowledge of dogs. The best part is how happy my dog is and how tired he is at the end of the day!!! Highly Highly recommend!

- Lori S.

Ross has been picking up Blue since he was six months old. Three years later he couldn't be more excited about spending his day with the pack! Ross and Kelly are extremely professional and I trust Blue in their care implicitly.

- Bailey Chase

Kelly and Ross gave my two collies, Tsar and Alexandra vastly richer and happier lives through their times with the Kelly’s Pet Care pack (seven years).

In the good and healthy years, they got fantastic exercise each day, and in the tough times, Kelly and Ross were heroic in their continued care and interest in keeping them part of the group.

My Alexandra suffered a severe partial paralysis, and for seven years they helped keep her moving and interested. And when necessary, Ross and Kelly would carry her into the center of the pack, keeping her not only active but feeling like a normal dog.

The family tradition continues, as my Collie Shane is now part of "The Mindful Dog" pack, and his time with Ross & Kelly is the highlight of his week.

Their help and care and passion were invaluable to me, and more importantly to my dogs.

- Tom Moore

Ross and Kelly are lifesavers: they have mellowed our two Labradors, Henry and Ella. Their fun, imaginative activities at the park provide an outlet for Henry and Ella that is invaluable. Ross and Kelly put the pack first. Their knowledge of dogs is infinite. We trust them completely.

- Jordana Brewster

6 weeks after we got our Siberian husky Jack, we took him to the dog park. There we saw two people running around, throwing balls and being chased by what appeared to be 50 excited dogs. The two packs came together under one tree and collectively began to howl at the two (who howled back). Impressed, we approached the two and asked what they were about. It was obvious that the dogs loved them both and that they sincerely loved each individual dog back (by name). The next week our dog gained acceptance to their pack and has not missed his weekly trips for the past 7 years. Kelly’s and Ross are Jack’s official Godparents (if there is such a thing for canines). The Mindful Dog is the best in LA.

- Stuart Lessner

We first met Ross and Kelly through frequent trips to the dog park and saw first hand how great they were with their pack. We were especially struck by how active they kept The Pack during the entire time they were at the park. Our dog quickly became fond of them and it was only a mater a time before she was a Pack Member as well. With my frequent traveling and my husbands work schedule, having Ross and Kelly take care of our dog always gave us peace of mind. Plus they are great soccer fans!!!

- Robert and Cat Whitehill-U.S. National Soccer Team

If Olive our black lab drank coffee and read the newspaper, she would have it with her every Tuesday and Thursday morning while she sits in the dining room window and waits for Kelly to pull up in her van and take her to the park. At nine thirty, rain or shine, Kelly is there, greeting Olive with her own song Ross and Kelly made up just for her. She returns hours later, happy and exhausted after a day of playing fetch with all of her friends.

In addition to giving Olive the exercise and socializing she needs and assuaging our gilt about not being able to take her on hikes often enough, they are two amazing people who Olive and ourselves have come to trust and love. They treat each dog as if they were their own, catering to each of their specific needs, no matter what they are.

They also educate us on how to care for our dog, how to make sure she’s safe and healthy. For example, one article they sent out alerting us to the dangers of foxtails, pretty much saved our dog’s life when she ingested one and I knew what signs to look for. Our only complaint about The Mindful Dog is that they don’t take kids.

- Liz Astrof

Ruby’s story-Little Ruby came into our lives. She had been roaming the streets of LA when she was picked up by the pound. She was adopted out, then passed on to another family who did not want a dog. Then I met her and asked if I could take her home. There was lots of sadness in her eyes. She would not eat, and was very shy and frightened by my every move. I decided I should take her to the park. I circled the park and we always ended up hanging around Ross and Kelly’s pack. Ruby would just stare at all the dogs having fun. What I did not know was that she was making a special connection with Ross. Almost every day for the next month I took her and every day she got a little closer and closer and after one month she went on her own with them. Yes the first day was rough for all; the owner, Ruby and Ross & Kelly. Ruby got a little confused with-out me, and Ross & Kelly had their hands full that day but they were very very persistent. Now Ruby, who thinks she is a Great Dane, runs with The Pack and I think she thinks she is the Alpha Dog! Did I mention she is only 10 pounds? She also likes to climb Ross, so he is called “Mt.Ross”! Ruby runs with The Pack a few times, comes home absolutely exhausted. Ross and Kelly are the best.

- Maggie, Ruby and Papi Johnny

I had been taking my Boston Terrier to the dog park for 4 years, when I got pregnant. I knew I wouldn’t be able to take her to the park once the baby arrived, but I knew it was crucial for her to get her exercise and to be social with other dogs. Over the four years I saw Ross and Kelly work with their pack. They are always focused on the pack; they know each dog and how to meet the dogs’ needs. They play with the dogs, make sure they are hydrated and they are sure to keep the peace. They genuinely enjoy their dogs and their dogs are devoted to them. I feel very secure knowing Kelly and Ross are watching our little love, and it’s nice for her to get her special days with them.

- Liz and Doc

Our dog Macho LOVES Kelly and Ross and I know this because he literally tries to claw down the door every time he hears their van pull up! I’ve seen them many times at the dog park and unlike other dog walkers; Ross and Kelly really engage with the pack, making sure every pack member gets plenty of exercise, love and attention. The fact that Ross & Kelly can recognize my standard chocolate lab from across the park without having seen me first tells me that they genuinely care about their dogs and treat them better than “clients” and more like family. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my baby! Simply put, they are the best pet care in town!

- Elena F.

There are many choices for those of us in LA who need pet care. But the people who take care of your pets might not be the kind of people you'd want in your home or they might lack a certain amount of professionalism. This was just the first reason I fell in love with Ross & Kelly. First of all, they wear cute little khaki camp uniforms! Now, that's pride in your business. They drive branded air-conditioned vans and use the utmost care and safety when transporting your dog. If you've been to the dog park and have seen other dog walkers and group leaders, you'll see that many are off-leash in the parking lot or are all jumping out of the truck at once. At the park, they stand out -- they play games and love each of the dogs as if they were their own. They aren't sitting around talking on their cell phones like many of the other dog walkers. My dog is a bit high-maintenance and a bit of afraid of little things. But Ross and Kelly took so much time and had so much patience that even my Lucy got over her issues. They are truly the best!

- Denise Crew

Kelly & Ross are really committed to their Pack. When they had to leave Laurel Canyon due to a ridiculous new ordinance their determination to create an environment that would satisfy the Pack became apparent in the new photos of the dogs "on the Island," "in the pool," etc. My Beau has been with Kelly & Ross since he was 8 months old. Fortunately he no longer needs to wear boots now that he is playing on a flat surface. He used to rip his paw pads in his zeal to catch the ball. After playing with the pack he is so content that only his tail moves to greet me when I come home from work.

- Etta M.

Our golden doodle Rosie has been going to daycare two times per week at The Mindful Dog for the past several months. Rosie cannot wait for Kelly to arrive for pickup and she bounds out the door to the van as soon as she can. Kelly and Ross are incredibly responsive and caring and I feel totally comfortable and safe with our dog in their care. I highly recommend The Mindful Dog!

- Wendy M.

Ross & Kelly are, without question, the most caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated pair in the business. Our dog Diggy has been a pack member for 3 years and his enthusiasm bursts when he sees the van pulling up in front of our house. We know that when he's with Ross and Kelly he is having a ton of fun, getting exercise, being social and most importantly, he's being loved.

Thank you both for taking such wonderful care of our boy!

- Becca + Chris

Kind, caring, knowledgeable and professional, Ross and Kelly are simply amazing people. My Ridgeback Riley absolutely loves both of them and being a member of The Pack. I always know the days she goes with them I will come home to an exhausted and very happy little girl. There is no one I trust more with Riley than them.

- Nancy H.

My Great Dane Estella was very timid and shy, however after going to the dog park a few times when Kelly & Ross were there with the pack, she naturally gravitated to the pack's great positive and structured energy -- immediately falling in love with them! It was amazing to watch this organically and quickly evolve. Estella has now been a part of the pack for over a year, and it is has not only helped her become more social and active, but it is her favorite part of the week! A BIG THANK YOU to Ross & Kelly!!!

- Christian & Estella

Our Carson loves his Fridays with Kelly and Ross. He has a special girlfriend there, we are told, and he waits by the door to dash off to his version of paradise. He comes home happy and exhausted-- a perfect measure of a perfect day.

- Andrea G.

Three years ago this month, we rescued our Schnoodle dog.. Stella. Believe it or not, she is the first dog we have ever owned in our (almost) 50 years of marriage. It was, and still is, very important to us to give our Stella the best possible life. We were fortunate enough to hear about Kelly and Ross and decided to send Stella to their doggy camp two days a week. However, we saw how excited Stella was when Kelly came to pick her up for camp and decided to send her everyday. Kelly and Ross are kind, fun and so incredibly loving to Stella. They make camp a truly fun environment for all the dogs.Through the pictures and videos posted on their website, we can see all the dogs playing with each other and interacting with Kelly and Ross. We feel that Stella is in "safe hands" with them. We are so grateful to Kelly and Ross for helping to give our "little lady" a happy and wonderful life. We are all truly blessed to know Kelly and Ross.

- Jolene and Bob Burk

There are no words to express how much we love Ross and Kelly!! I was always so stressed out leaving Gypsy home for too long despite the 1.5 hours I spent walking her in the mornings and evenings. I had gone thru a few different dog walkers before I found Ross and Kelly. They are truly amazing with dogs and Gypsy gets an awesome workout! She is so happy to see Kelly when she picks her up. They always help me out last minute if I need Gypsy to go to the park that day. They are totally affordable and are all around the best doggie day care in LA!

- Stephanie R.